Flying Cars? Streetable Aircraft? What Do You Mean They Won't Work?

Whatever m you call them, our nerdy, tech-obsessed sibling Gizmodo knows an expert that says you won't be getting a hover conversion on your El Camino any time in the near future, much less by 2015. There are a few very real problems, one of which is that airplanes make for crappy cars and cars make for crappy planes.… » 7/27/06 6:45pm 7/27/06 6:45pm

By Invitation Only: Mercedes Launches Co-Branded Credits Card. Plus,…

"Gotta make the money / credit's no good / when the Jawas run the shop / in your neighborhood"
Fett's Vette might be paid in cash, but things would be different if our the legendary bounty hunter had a Mercedes-Benz Visa. Credit cards with car rewards are nothing new, but the Mercedes card is different because they're… » 7/27/06 3:15pm 7/27/06 3:15pm

Size Apparently Not Important: Fiat 500 Tops Sexy Car List

If this were on Family Feud, even the Jalopnik family would have failed to get the steal. But there's no Richard Dawson, or even Ray Combs, just Captain Slow. A Top Gear survey found the Fiat 500 to be the sexiest car ever. Number 4 on the list? Chevrolet Camaro. So with the combination of the Z28 in his own garage and … » 7/26/06 6:00pm 7/26/06 6:00pm

Hot Todty: Scuderia Ferrari Team Boss to Stay in 2007

Now that Ferrari isn't totally sucking in Formula 1 (and 2005 totally sucked, by Ferrari standards), Jean Todt thinks it might be a nice place to stay for another year. Of course, Todt is technically the head of Ferrari operations, including the street cars, so it's not like he was going to jump ship. But with the team … » 7/26/06 3:45pm 7/26/06 3:45pm

Worst Survey Ever: Freep Runs Poll On US Auto Ownership With Dubious…

So the Detroit Free Press (and local TV station, WDIV) polled 800 Michigan residents about what kind of cars they own. The results were that 45 percent own GM products, 39 percent own a Ford, 22 percent own something from Chrysler, and 15 percent own a foreign car. Yeah, that's 111 121 percent. Here's the… » 7/26/06 2:45pm 7/26/06 2:45pm

The Smartest Guy-sans In the Room Update: Hyundai Chairman Released…

Now that's an entirely different kind of bailout! Har-de-har-har. We can't pretend to understand Korean law or politics, because here in the US of A we don't let corporate bosses accused of fraud and embezzlement to just walk the streets. Okay, nevermind that. Hyundai's chairman, Chung Mong-koo, had bond set at one » 6/29/06 12:30pm 6/29/06 12:30pm

Something Rotten in Detroit: AutoExtremist And Jason Vines Spar On…

Sweet Peet D. is at it again. This time he's taking the shine off of GM's recent buyout news and claiming it's not as rosy picture that most news outlets are reporting. The reason? Detroit's latest round of price-slashing is proof that the big three are still addicted to incentives. At least this time GM understands… » 6/28/06 6:57pm 6/28/06 6:57pm

Booty! Volvo Buries Pirate XC90, Finder Gets To Keep It

It's been going on for two weeks already, but Volvo has buried an XC90. Not just any XC90, mind you, but a Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest-themed XC90. Yeah, we're kind of wondering about how Vovlo and pirates go together too. But never mind that, because if you find the cargo container that the XC is sealed … » 6/28/06 5:15pm 6/28/06 5:15pm

Paris Loses Bentley in Poker Game, Somehow Keeps Clothes On

Okay, we're sorry for the second Paris Hilton post in the same day. But don't go reach for the sanitizing wipes just yet — there is still no evidence that herpes can be contracted electronically. Anyway, young Paris loves poker. She loves it so much she can't help herself from betting away her Bentley Continental GT.… » 4/28/06 6:37pm 4/28/06 6:37pm